The Center for Civic Engagement

Students in a planning session at the Center.

The UNL Center for Civic Engagement encourages students to connect curricular and co-curricular learning with opportunities to address critical human need through service, civic-related research and social change leadership.

Through programs and services offered by the Center, students acquire the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to advance community priorities and inspire a lifelong commitment to personal and social responsibility. The new Certificate in Civic Engagement is designed to help students connect what they learn in their ACE general education courses with experiences outside the classroom.

Center-sponsored professional development activities expose faculty, staff and community partners to state-of-the-art practice that advances the scholarship of engagement. It provides a forum for communicating ideas and activities related to civic work.

The Center for Civic Engagement serves as a clearinghouse, facilitating communication between students, teaching and research faculty, and staff with identified community need, both local and global.

Our Values

Commitment to our work; inclusivity; integrity; learning; respect; and service – reflect what is important to us as a department within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our values do not change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather serve as guiding principles that direct our actions and behaviors.

Commitment to our Work
We believe in working hard – going above and beyond to get things done. We work collaboratively to maximize our collective impact, inspiring, challenging and supporting each other to give our best to the communities we serve. We take responsibility for our personal actions and performance – learning from our mistakes and taking corrective action when necessary. We respond to requests in a timely fashion consistently striving to fulfill our obligations to the best of our ability.

We strive to create an environment that is caring, generous of spirit and demonstrates an appreciation and respect for all dimensions of diversity. We believe that by engaging with perspectives different than ourselves, both inside and outside the Center, we are able to capitalize on, and benefit from, diverse ideas, opinions and points of view. We recognize that our strength comes from working together rather than as individuals working alone.

We do our best to act in an honest and ethical manner. We recognize that becoming a person of integrity is a lifetime journey. We work hard to remain authentic, choosing words and actions that reflect our intent. We adhere to ethical principles, always willing to stand up for what we believe in while remaining respectful and self-controlled in our interactions with others.

We embrace learning as a lifelong process. We establish goals, both personally and professionally, in an effort to enhance our effectiveness as an employee and a colleague. We solicit and respond appropriately to feedback, engage in reflection and actively seek new opportunities to improve our work by learning new concepts and skills.

We value and care about each other, demonstrating that commitment by having a positive influence on the office environment and by eliminating distrust, sarcasm and negative interactions. We treat each other, and our guests, with civility and respect ensuring that all feel welcome and appreciated while in the Center for Civic Engagement or while participating in our programs and services.

We lead by example. We are committed to servant leadership, sensitive to the needs and feelings of others' while focusing on their growth and well-being. Our ultimate goal is to model a style of leadership that will contribute to a just and caring world.


Kris Baack, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Leadership Development

Linda Moody, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Service-Learning

TJ McDowell
Interim Director, Center for Civic Engagement