Spirit of Service

Center for Civic Engagement Faculty Awards

Each year Service-Learning seeks to recognize the efforts of students, student organizations, faculty, staff, and community partners in the areas of community engagement included but not limited to service, service-learning, and civic related activities. The Spirit of Service Awards are part of the Center for Civic Engagement's spring celebration, which will be held in the Spring semester. The Spirit of Service Awards consists of five different awards: the Student Award, the Student Organization Award, the Faculty Award, the Kim A. Hobson (Staff Member) Award, and the Community Partner Award. Applications are to be submitted by Wednesday, April 8th to the Center for Civic Engagement in 222 Nebraska Union.

Student Award

This award goes to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student who has shown outstanding achievement in the area of service-learning. This particular student has connected with the community in an effort to help a worthy organization fulfill their needs. By providing services to one or multiple organizations, the student has not only connected with the community but has taken the steps to develop their own sense of self-worth. This particular person has gone above and beyond other students in the area of service work.

Student Organization Award

This award is given to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln Recognized Student Organization who has connected with Lincoln’s community to provide services to organizations in need. This group has excelled in the area of service and has grown as a group and as individuals because of their work. Through this, the group has encouraged other RSO’s and students to engage in service and civic participation. This group offered specialized and trained students in a specific discipline to fit the specific needs of a community partner.

Faculty Award

A nominee in this category would be a University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor that has engaged themselves in the area of academic service-learning or community-based research. This faculty member has realized the importance of connecting themselves and their students with the community. They strive to provide human resources to meet the needs of specific organizations. In an effort to become more civically aware and engaged, this professor has also helped to foster this same sense within their students.

Kim A. Hobson Award

(Staff Member)

This award goes to the staff member who has contributed a great deal to the area of service-learning and to their community. This individual has helped the community and the university alike in fostering a sense of civic engagement. Creating potential for additional partners is something that this award winner would strive for. Service-learning is at the heart of this staff member and is conveyed through the activities that they engage in, whether within or outside of the university.

Community Partner Award

This gives individuals or groups the opportunity to acknowledge a local community partner that they have had the privilege to work with and believe is worthy of recognition. This organization/community partner has helped people or groups to excel in the area of community service-learning work. They strive to make the experiences of students those that will be remembered and ones that will encourage further community engagement.

Spirit of Service Awards Nominations’ Application are available here.