Show Your Red

The Character Council at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln strives to promote integrity and amplify positive character through community interaction and the recognition of individuals who represent the values upon which we were founded—Citizenship, Caring, Commitment, Dependability, Openmindedness and Respect.

You can get involved with the Character Council by applying to become a member, participating in High Five Friday, nominating students for Franco's List and following us on social media.

High Five Friday

High Five Friday is designed to help spread positivity and the building blocks of integrity. Every Friday, the Character Council will host High Five Friday. Come participate by high fiving peers and encourage them to pass it on.

It is just as easy to pass along a random act of kindness as it is to pass along a high five to a stranger. If your organization would like to join us please email

Franco's List

Franco's List seeks to honor students who exhibit honesty and demonstrate strong moral character. Named for Vice Chancellor Juan N. Franco, Franco's List offers public recognition on a semi-annual basis for students of integrity, similar to a Dean's List offering public recognition for academic achievements.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals at

UNL Shout Outs

Those who can't be identified can still be celebrated —or at least their behavior can through social media. If you would like to recognize someone for an act of integrity, send them a shout out by tagging @UNLShoutOuts on Facebook or @UNL_CharacterCo on Twitter. We will re-post or re-tweet to create a feed of examples for anyone to follow.

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