Risk Management

University of Nebraska-Lincoln students who volunteer for Community-Based Learning* experiences are not covered with respect to liability coverage, unless the activity is a requirement of a course with 100% student participation and is considered a part of the student’s training. However, students may purchase Field Trip insurance from UNL for a small fee. The Field Trip Insurance provides for accidental medical expenses up to $2,500.

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Students are required to read and sign the following Uniform Waiver (Risk Release, Image Use Agreement, UNL Non-Discrimination Policy, Drug and Alcohol Free Policy and the UNL Youth Activity Safety Policy) for safety reasons; it is of vital importance that students and participants are aware of the risks and obligations that come with taking part in Community-Based Learning experiences:

The Image Use Agreement can be declined by the student and still be in good standing to participate in the Community-Based Learning experiences.

Only if you are part of an Academic Service-Learning course that requires you to engage in a community-based experience you must read and sign the following University of Nebraska-Lincoln Academic Service-Learning Agreement. Please print, complete, and turn in to your course instructor, unless one has been provided.

* Community-Based Learning experiences include, but are not limited to: academic service-learning, Community Challenges (one-time Service-Learning opportunities), Alternative Service Breaks, community –based research, academic courses with optional service-learning, leadership in a civic context experiences, civic-related experiences, and service opportunities.