RFI Teaching and Engagement Grants

The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) is excited to see new grant ideas for the 2017 RFI Competitive Grants Program. If you have considered turning your ideas into action, now is your chance to submit a proposal.

There are two types of grants you can apply for and each have different deadlines.

  1. Research & Engagement
  2. Teaching & Engagement

You can find the full timelines of both types of grants on the RFI website and in the respective RFPs. Proposal submission directions are also included in the RFPs.

As you develop your proposals, keep in mind that there are excellent partnering opportunities with communities that participated in the community questions session at our recent conference, as well as individuals who shared their big ideas during the quick pitch showcase.

Lastly, if you need help finding a collaborator for your grant idea, please contact the RFI team or post your “want ad” on the RFI Facebook page. We will do whatever we can to help you find potential partners.