Show Your Red

Elements of Character chart.

What is Show Your Red?

"Show Your Red" Is a campaign for Integrity at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The movement is about celebrating the positive characteristics that are part of being a person of integrity, demonstrating the very best qualities of a Husker.

Six character traits are branded as the building blocks of integrity. The selected character traits are not intended to be all-inclusive, but the campaign, in the beginning, will focus on the qualities of caring, citizenship, commitment, dependability, open-mindedness, and respect

Show Your Red Initiatives

Students and members of the community who participate in the campaign can do so by participating in programs sponsored by the Character Council. The following are a list of ways you can get engaged with the campaign.

Formal programs:
  • Apply to be a member of the Character Council.
  • Nominate students for "Franco’s List."
    • A full description of the program and how to nominate students is below.
  • Participate in High Five Friday
    • High Five Friday is designed to help spread positivity and the building blocks of integrity. Every Friday, the Character Council will host “High Five Friday.” Come participate by “high fiving” peers and encourage them to “pass it on.” It is just as easy to pass along a random act of kindness as it is to pass a long a high five to a stranger.
  • Social Media:

Faces of Integrity

The recognition wall commited to recognizing students of integrity is located across from the Center for Civic Engagement. Come take a look at who is committed in our community to living a life of integrity. Stop by the Center to ask what you can do to nominate others to be recognized.

Character Council

Character Council Application now Available!

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is seeking students interested in the advancement of character and integrity at UNL.

Work with students, the Vice Chancellor and Center for Civic Engagement. Influence positive character and apply today. Click here for the Character Council Application.

Vision of the Character Council

Developing lives of integrity for a more compassionate campus, community, and world.

Achievement steps:

  • Growth through increased membership in Character Council, expansion to other campuses, and partnerships with campus groups in all areas of campus involvement and living spaces.
  • Education to increase knowledge of and passion for Character Council and the Show your Red campaign.
  • Recognition through a more competitive Franco’s List nomination process and visual displays of those exhibiting integrity.
  • Interaction with students to inspire lives of Integrity and appreciation of character on campus.

Mission of the Character Council

The Character Council at the university of Nebraska –Lincoln, strives to promote integrity and amplify positive character through both community interaction and the recognition of individual demonstrations of the values upon which we were founded—Citizenship, Caring, Commitment, Dependability, Openmindedness and Respect.

Franco's List

The Show Your Red campaign is seeking nominations for Franco’s List, a public recognition of students of integrity. The Show Your Red campaign defines integrity as the quality of being honest and having strong moral character. Faculty, staff and other students are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals by clicking on the following link, Franco’s List, and completing the attached form. Students will be recognized on a semi-annual basis. The form can also be found at: Students will be recognized on a semi-annual basis. Please email questions to
Nominations for the Spring 2017 Franco's List will be accepted through Sunday, April 2, 2017.

Former Recipients and Receptions

Click HERE for photos from the Fall 2015 Reception.
Click HERE for photos from the Spring 2015 Reception.
Click HERE for photos from the Fall 2014 Reception.
Click HERE for photos from the Spring 2014 Reception.
Click HERE for photos from the Fall 2013 Reception.
Click HERE for photos from the Spring 2013 Reception.
Click HERE for photos from the Fall 2012 Reception.

Other Show Your Red Initiatives and Strategies for Participation

The campaign will be deployed through existing communities where students have normal contacts. These communities are divided into three groups by primary characteristics:

  1. Where students have ongoing, primary contact with a group or individual: University Housing, Greek living units, select student organizations and advisory boards
  2. Places where students congregate frequently: Campus Recreation, NE Unions, JGMC
  3. Special Events: University Program Council, Campus Night Life, Take Back Game Day, Power-Up Camp, Mid-Semester Check

The campaign execution is slightly different for each group. For example, University Housing and Greek living units are the primary groups where the 'magic' happens in the campaign. Following are ideas and suggestions for implementing the campaign within your unique setting but feel free to develop new and exciting ways to participate! Many of the suggestions below are easy ways to participate in the campaign.

  • Conduct meetings about character and explain how students can be rewarded with badges for demonstrating positive traits.
  • Place notes/badges on the room doors of students demonstrating a positive characteristic.
  • Hang posters about the "Show Your Red" campaign.
  • Invite students to nominate other students for awards.
  • Utilize the campaign to recognize employees and student organization members during regular meetings.
  • Ask student advisory board members to distribute buttons to faculty and staff who demonstrate character.
  • Challenge group members to randomly recognize students demonstrating character while walking to and from class.

Ongoing Support

Residence Hall, Greek and RSO Campaign representatives will meet regularly with Vice Chancellor Franco as members of the representatives or ambassadors for the Show Your Red Campaign. Meetings will begin six weeks into the semester offering opportunities for representatives to exchange ideas with one another and discuss campaign implementation progress with Dr. Franco and the Character Council.

For more information, please contact The Center for Civic Engagement at 402-472-6150 or email at&nbsp .

Recognizing Others through Social Media

Those who can't be identified can still be celebrated - or, at least their behavior can - through social media (the campaign has a Facebook page and Twitter account). IF you would like to recognize someone for an act of integrity, send them a SHOUT OUT via @UNLShout_Outs (part of the Show Your Red Campaign). When people share how someone Showed Their Red social media, the Character Council will re-post or Re-tweet on Twitter and Facebook - creating a feed of examples for anyone to follow.